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Philosophy of Care

The goal of our program at All About Kidz Preschool and Childcare is to enhance the self-esteem, growth and development of the young child by providing a child oriented environment which stimulates their social, physical, emotional and intellectual development.  Our preschool program uses the S.T.E.A.M. curriculum which emphasizes science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics education.   

This philosophy puts great emphasis on the following:

 °   Encouraging creativity with "hands on" learning   

 °   Creative process, not product

 °   Art as Language

 °   Feelings behind the work and building self esteem

 °   S.T.E.A.M. curriculum

Mission Statement

Children learn and develop best in a secure, nurturing environment.  Our goal is to create a balance in development of all areas: social, emotional, physical and intellectual.  Our staff is dedicated to helping children grow at their natural pace by building their self-confidence, strengths and skills.

Learning Environment

Our learning environment offers the opportunity for children to experience a variety of activities which stimulate young minds and develop a passion for learning.

The daily program is planned to include age appropriate group and individual activities which stimulate the natural curiosity and learning abilities of the young child.

We teach and encourage the development of personal and social responsibilities as well as respect for those around us.

Throughout the year we offer many additional activities and experiences for students and their parents.  We feel field trips and special guest add to the excitement of learning and help bring to life the concepts being taught in the classroom.  A full list of activities that we offer is available on our "Activities" page.